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Hi, I’m Nikole

Cher-obsessed Cali-adopted girl who laughs inappropriately loud, but doesn’t tend to notice or care.

Hi, I’m Jay

Hopelessly romantic Monty Python fan who regularly trains for a potential life and death music trivia situation by listening to my 1,388 music albums.

We help overwhelmed, exhausted, and dissatisfied couples reclaim their power by building thriving businesses that provide financial abundance and personal freedom.

Nikole launched her company in 2007. Since then, it has grown from a small technical writing side gig operating out of a spare bedroom to a full-service environmental consulting firm with dozens of subcontractors completing millions of dollars of projects throughout the western United States. But success did not happen overnight and the road to that success was anything but a straight line.

We’re all about the real talk here,

so pour yourself a cocktail or your favorite coffee drink (my favs are anything ending in ‘ccino) and let us tell you a little bit of our story.

To say we were apprehensive about working together is an understatement. In fact, we swore that we would never, ever work together. (Pinky promises are no joke.)

But life happened, and we had to decide between Jay joining Nikole’s business or finally trying his hand as a professional poker player. And, since we lived in Boise, Idaho, at the time, his poker options were limited.

And, truth be told, Nikole was at a crossroads.

Her business had peaked at $400,000 in annual sales with 1 employee and a handful of subcontractors before she started to lose control.

Nikole was probably just like you. She built her business from the ground up and nurtured it much like she had her 2 children.

But eventually, the business that had freed her from the limitations of working for someone else became more demanding, challenging, and taxing than any boss she’d ever had.

The same business that enabled her to work flexible hours so she could spend more time with her kids was now stealing precious moments from her family. Dinners became takeout. And her laptop became her constant companion.

So, she did what she thought was best for her family: she got small again. She laid off her employee and only accepted enough work to keep herself busy.

But now, she owned a job, not a company. If she didn’t work, she didn’t make money. And with each passing month, she felt her company gasping for breath.

Her company was slowly dying.

When Jay joined the business, we knew we had to grow it or close it down and polish our resumes.

Very quickly, we learned that life partners can be the best business partners.
Times 10. To infinity.

Don’t misunderstand. Not every day was filled with rainbows and unicorns. Hell, some days saw mostly hurricanes and rhinoceroses

There was nitpicking. There were power struggles. But most of all, there were personality traits we had actually appreciated about one another that we suddenly hated.

Nikole’s ability to dream big and pivot easily was very handy when planning a family trip for 4 over spring break. But that trait became a pain in Jay’s arse every time she came home from a conference with some great new idea and wanted to completely change course…yet again.

Jay’s ability to carefully plan a home project and remain focused until the project was complete was a godsend when building a couch and entertainment center from Ikea (Jay is so good at building Ikea furniture that he usually has a few parts left over). But when he applied those skills to documenting processes in the office, Nikole went nearly insane and felt like he was trying to slow her down on purpose.

Once we learned that our differences complemented one another, we were able to appreciate them at home AND capitalize on them at the office.

Opposites Attract. And that benefits your business.

In fact, if you’re like most couples, one of you is the Wow-type and one of you is the How-type.

Let us explain.


She started her company because she has lots of ideas. She’s creative and great at devising solutions to big problems. She is passionate about her service and fantastic with the big external relationships, like clients and suppliers.


He doesn’t like solving abstract problems; he thrives on solving the smaller practical problems. He loves the details and is obsessed with creating clarity and accountability. Jay’s specialty is managing the day-to-day operations.

And, since recognizing these types and implementing our proprietary C-suite System that capitalizes on these types, we’ve been consistently running our 7-figure business with the freedom to prioritize our loved ones and design our life.

And now, we work with couples through our exclusive group coaching programs, our social community, and nationwide event seminars and workshops to help them do the same.

If you’re curious how you can leverage your Wow and How-types to build your empire, pull up a chair (don’t worry, we won’t make you assemble it yourself), grab some coffee, and check out our latest content.

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